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Multiple glTF Animations (From Unity)
Multiple glTF Animations (From Unity)

Need to make sure you are using Plattar Exporter 2.1.1e or greater.

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Step 1: Take note of all the keyframe times in your animation.

Step 2: Follow this guide on importing and preparing your model in Unity, but don't export yet:
Step 3: Set up your multiple animations in the model import window. You will be able to preview each animation to make sure the timing is correct.

Step 4: Select your model in your scene. It should have the animations listed under the Animation component:

Step 5: Export To Plattar

Apple USDZ Conversion & Limitations

Apple USDZ file format has limitations on animation and rigging. Please refer to File Formats USDZ Section for more details on this limitation and potential workaround solution.

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