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Embedding your product into a webpage
Embedding your product into a webpage

Simplest way to embed your product into a page

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Open your product in the CMS, and click on the 'Open in Viewer' option in the actions dropdown panel, or navigate to the product in the publish tab.

Click on the 'Viewer Embed Code' input box to copy the code to your clipboard.

This will copy the Plattar embed code to your clipboard and will allow you to paste it wherever you want. You can then go to your website and paste the iframe code in to get your product to appear in the page. Depending on your page setup, you may need to add the property style='width:100%; height:100%;'in order to have the frame be responsive to different browser sizes.

Using this system will not allow you to change variations, and you will need to copy a new code for each variation you want to embed. 

For a more advanced integration, please view our integration documentation.

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