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URL Masking Guide for AR Web
URL Masking Guide for AR Web

How to have custom domain for your AR Web Experience

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The Plattar Experience Builder hosts the AR experience on our own servers to provide a scalable solution for our clients. To provide your audience with a custom branded experience for WebAR, you can create your own custom domain through your existing domain provider and then make simple changes to your DNS to point that domain to your Plattar account.

  1. Once you have created your custom URL, you will need to access the tool that manages your DNS (we will use Cloudflare in our example).

  2. Your Plattar Experience URL should look like this:

  3. You will need to insert your appid into the above URL

  4. In your DNS manager, you will need to do the following

  5. Create a new CNAME listing

  6. Label it so that it clearly identifiable to you

  7. Load in the Plattar URL to the content field

  8. Set TTL as Auto

  9. Proxy Status: DNS Only

Wait for 2 to 4 hours, then enter your custom URL in your web browser to check that it is directed to the Plattar Experience.

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