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Choosing your scene's anchor
Choosing your scene's anchor

How is your scene anchored in the real world ?

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An anchor is the way your scene is anchored in the real world. Plattar supports

  • Horizontal plane detection

  • Vertical plane detection

  • Face (not available on all plans)

  • Image (app only or .reality)

  • QR code and plane detection (app only)

  • Gyroscope

When you create a scene Horizontal is selected by default. You can always change the anchor of your scene by select Change Anchor Type which is available when Scene Settings is selected.

Select Horizontal if you would like your scene to be placed on the floor or on a table. This is the most common anchor type used.

You can select Vertical if you would like to place your scene on a wall. Placing on a wall is less intuitive for the user.

If you would like your scene to be anchored to a flat image no matter if it is horizontal or vertical select Image

Talk to us if you would like Face Tracking or your app to auto place content when scanning a QR code or if you want to know the options for your use case.

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