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Working With Annotations
Working With Annotations
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Annotation Style

Annotations will by default use our icon with a + in the middle. This can be changed to use a custom image by setting one on the property inspector, or using a coloured dot by selecting a colour.

Displaying Annotation

The Display setting will tell the annotation how it should display when viewed within one of the Plattar Viewer's.

The options are:

1) Left - Pop out will always come out the left side of the annotation

2) Right - Pop out will always come out the right side of the annotation

3) Auto - Pop out will choose to come out left/right so that it will be closer to the center of the screen

4) None - Pop out will not appear, but the event will still be sent to the main page to handle and display themselves.

Setting a Camera

You can set an annotation to move to a camera when the user clicks on it. To do this you set create a camera in your scene and select it in your camera dropdown on the annotation. When doing this with annotation display on, make sure to position the camera such that the annotation content will be visible on screen.

You can also set the annotation to 'Automatic' if you haven't placed a camera, and the annotation will position the camera a little bit further away from the center of the scene to the annotation, and face it towards the center.

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