Vertical Placement
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iOS - White Wall

On iOS it tracks the floor fine but when moving the content onto the wall, it goes through it as if tracking the floor still. It is unable to pick up any detail in the wall so it not aware its there.

iOS - Textured Wall

When scanning the space, it is able to pick up the vertical plane of the textured wall and places automatically on it, as the wall was in the center of the camera view. The user can then drag it around the wall, and if it touches the ground will then drag along the ground. User can scale and orientate it on the wall as well.

Android - White Wall

When scanning with android, you need to find the floor plane first. When the floor is found you have to manually align the content with the wall, by dragging and rotating the line along the floor to meet to corner. Once aligned you can scale and translate the content along the wall, however if you lose sight of the floor then you can lose tracking and have to start again.

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