Login to Plattar Pipeline

Login Instructions for existing and new Plattar Users

Written by Breno Glennon
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In this article, we cover how to log in to Plattar PIPELINE.

Before You Login

Before logging into PIPELINE, ensure you are logged into Plattar’s core platform. Then, open a new browser window and go to the PIPELINE sign-in page.

New Plattar Users

You need a PLATTAR account in order to access PIPELINE. If you do not have a PLATTAR account, go to our website and select 'sign in' in the top menu to request a new account or click here to be redirected to the signup page. Follow the prompts and the PLATTAR team will review your details and activate your account.

Once your account is activated, login to PLATTAR, then open a new browser window and go to the PIPELINE sign-in page.

First-time PIPELINE Login

When users log in for the first time, they will be asked to select a profile before continuing to the landing screen. Choose the profile most appropriate for you from the profile options Requester, Creator or Quality Control. After confirming your profile, you’ll be redirected to the PIPELINE home screen.

Select your user name

From here the system will prompt you to create your user name and select 'create'. (your full name and email address remain hidden from other users). You can later change your user name under your account settings, which can be accessed via the account drop-down in the top right corner of your screen.

Done. You're all set. Let's go through how to use the PIPELINE platform in detail.

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