Create and Manage Folders

Folders on Plattar Pipeline help organise your workflow

Written by Breno Glennon
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Create and Manage Folders

Folders are useful for organising and managing your 3D content production for different projects or multiple production runs within a larger project. Folders act as virtual storage for reference materials you provide during the briefing phase as well as for the system to access work-in-progress and finished 3D content.

Your 'Folder List' view can be accessed from the home screen or via the main menu.

To create your first folder (and any new one thereafter), click on 'Create Folder', and simply give the folder a name. Click 'CREATE'. As you will see, the new folder will now be added to your folder list.

As a general practice, you will want to invite everyone that contributes to the review and approval of your 3D content to the respective folder. For example, if other team members lead the review, feedback, or quality control during the production process, they will need access to the folder in order to access relevant assets and contribute effectively. Please note that any member you invite to your folders needs to have an account on the PLATTAR Platform. If they don’t, simply send them the link to our signup page so they can request access.

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