New Brief: Delivery & Budget

How to use the Delivery Date and Budget fields on the New Brief form

Written by Breno Glennon
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This article covers additional information on how to use the Delivery Date and Budget fields on the New Brief form.

Selecting a Delivery Date

Simply use the date picker to select a realistic date by when the model or variant needs to be delivered. Requesters should consider time required to review, accept and start a brief, time required to create a 3D model, including the feedback process of 1-2 iteration rounds when setting a delivery date. After review, PLATTAR may suggest a different date if the team believes that the job will require more time to complete based on the brief requirements and modelling complexity.

Providing a budget

Use this 'Proposed Budget' field to provide a budget amount available for the request.

The default currency is USD. If you provide budget information in a different currency, ensure to denominate your amount (e.g. JPY, AUD, EURO) in front or after the amount. Note that this budget gives us an understanding of how much you currently have allocated to the project, however, PLATTAR will provide a competitive price in a proposal including SAAS plan & 3D content costs.

No budget or Request Quote

If requesters don't have a fixed budget or want to receive quotes for the job from the PLATTAR Team, requesters should leave this field 'blank' (ie. in its default state of "0").

Once requesters publish the brief on PIPELINE, the PLATTAR Content Team will review the brief requirements and respond to the requester with a competitive quote for the job.

Accepting or Revising Quotes

Requesters receive notifications when one or more quotes are available for a specific brief. Updates to quote status is reflected in the My Briefs overview stage. Select "View" > "Brief" to access your brief and review updated delivery date and/or budget information. Briefs may receive more than one quote on a particular job.

From here, Requesters can accept or reject quotes or revise quoted prices with the PLATTAR Team view the commenting system. Learn more about the commenting here.

Once both Requester and PLATTAR are aligned on delivery date and budget, the Requester accepts the winning quote and, if available, rejects all other quotes provided. The brief is then allocated to a PLATTAR 3D content creator and the production process starts.

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