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New Brief: Inbuilt Messaging System
New Brief: Inbuilt Messaging System

How to raise, reply to and resolve comments for new and unallocated briefs

Written by Breno Glennon
Updated over a week ago

Raise, reply and resolve comments

This article explains the commenting system that supports the briefing process.

Published briefs are reviewed and assessed by our Content Team at PLATTAR.

As mentioned in our previous article, if there are no questions and PLATTAR can commit to the delivery date and budget, the team will allocate the request immediately after the requester has published the brief in PIPELINE. One of our 3D artists will start the production process.

In case the team or 3D modellers need to raise questions, they will make use of the in-built commenting system. Users get notified about new comments or replies to existing comments regarding a specific brief via the user’s “My Briefs” view.

Users can access comments on a particular brief from the ‘My Briefs’ overview or select “View Messages” on the Home page after login.

Responding to comments works exactly like the messaging systems you already know and use online and on social media. Simply reply to a comment and the other party gets notified about your responses. For comments you raised, click ‘resolve’ when you feel the comment has been answered or specific feedback has been actioned.

Once all comments are resolved, the PLATTAR team will allocate the brief to one of 3D modellers to start production process.

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