Allocating Requests to Creators

How PIPELINE manages the process around due dates, budgets and creator allocation

Written by Breno Glennon
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In this article, we will walk you through the allocation process for published briefs and explain in more detail when and how PLATTAR would reach out to requesters with comments or different proposed dates or budgets during the briefing phase of a new request.

A new request is published on PIPELINE

When requesters 'Save & Publish' a new brief, the request enters the review and allocation workflow of the PLATTAR Content Team. Our Content Leads will review all brief information, requirements, available reference materials as well as the proposed timeline and budget.

No Clarification needed

If the information provided is clear, complete and the PLATTAR content creators can commit to delivering the request on time and on budget, your request will be automatically allocated to a 3D modeller and the production process starts. Requesters will be notified via a Latest Status under the brief in question (change to "Awarded to Creator") in the All Briefs overview.

Clarification needed

In case our team requires more (or different) information / reference materials or concludes that the set delivery date or budget by the requester can not be achieved, the PLATTAR Content Team will take one of two actions:

  • Use the commenting system:

For questions, comments or requests regarding the brief itself or additional/different reference materials, PLATTAR will use copmments to communicate and resolve open items with the requester. Once all comments are marked as 'resolved', the PLATTAR Team will allocate the job and the production process starts.

  • Use the delivery date & budget fields:

If our team needs to suggest a different deadline, PLATTAR will change the delivery date based on project complexity and send the brief back to the requester. The requester will be notified about the proposed date change and can review and/or ‘approve’ the new date by accessing the brief via All Briefs > View > Brief.

In cases where the proposed budget is too high/low for the work required, Content Team will revert back to the requester with a different amount. The requester gets notified of the proposed change to the brief budget and can then accept the new budget or propose yet another amount. Once both parties are aligned on the budget and timeline, the brief gets allocated to a 3D content creator by our team.

Request for Quote (or no budget available)

Learn more about how to set a budget or request a quote. If the requester does not provide a budget (ie. leaves the proposed budget field at "0") the PLATTAR team will provide a competitive quote for the work required. The quoted brief is then sent back to the requester who can accept or reject the quote. At times, PLATTAR may provide more than one quote for a specific brief. The requester can then accept the preferred quote and reject all other quotes.

Receiving and Accepting Quotes

Requesters are notified about new available quotes via the status change in the ‘All Briefs’ overview. Access the brief by selecting View > Brief. Simply open the brief and find the quote(s) we have calculated for your specific project in the top right corner of the form. Accompanying the quote, you may also find a new proposed delivery date (if required).

The requester can accept a revised quote and/or delivery date or enter an alternative amount and date as a reply to the PLATTAR team. Use the commenting system if direct communication helps to align on delivery and budget. Once the requester accepts the quote, the quoting process is complete.

PLATTAR will allocate the request to our modelling team once both parties agree on the same delivery date and amount.

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