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How do I add a 3D Model into a Scene?
How do I add a 3D Model into a Scene?

Adding a 3D model to an AR Scene on Plattar

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Click and drag a 3D model or product object into your scene from the object panel on the left.

You will be prompted to select or upload a 3D model, which will then appear in the scene. You also have access to the Sketchfab and Google Poly libraries, just search and select a 3D model you will like to use.

Once the model is in the scene, you can make changes to the model via the editor toolbar and then use the control lines that are shown:

  • Hit the ‘play preview’ button in the editor toolbar to preview any animations attached to the model

  • Select the 'move' tool, to change the model's x,y,z position

  • Choose the 'rotate' tool, to change the model's orientation

  • Pick the 'scale' tool, to proportional or un-proportional change the size of the object

  • Use the 'undo' and 'redo' buttons to roll forward or roll back changes.

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