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What is a video object?
What is a video object?

Find out what a video object can do in an AR scene

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An video object is a flat 2D video that will appear in your scene. Any audio from videos will also be played. The default behaviour for videos is that they will loop, so they can be used as part of dynamic, visually-interesting scenes. 

We accept videos in .mp4 (H264) format, and do not do any video conversion on the CMS (what you upload is what is sent to your users). Your video should be formatted to download quickly and playback smoothly -  you can find our Video Format article here.

For longer video content, we advise using youtube objects or linking to other pages, as watching long videos in AR can be uncomfortable for some of your users.

You can make a certain colour in the video transparent (‘chroma-keying’/’green screening’) to achieve special effects.

iOS devices can only play one video at a time, so we will warn you if you add more than one to a scene.

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