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How do I add a video to a scene?
How do I add a video to a scene?

Find out how to add a video object to your AR scene, and how to make one part of it transparent

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First make sure your video file is formatted correctly, or it may play back poorly or not at all for your users. You can find our Video Format article here [LINK]

Drag an video object into your scene from the object panel on the left. You will be prompted to select or upload a video, which will then appear in the scene.

You can then move, rotate and scale the video object like any other Plattar scene object. 

How do a make a transparent video / how do I use a green-screen/chroma-key video?

First you must prepare your video correctly with a flat background color - See our Video Format article for some tips on preparing green-screen / chroma-key videos.

Once you have your video file inserted in the scene use the Chroma Colour Picker on the right to select the color of the background. You can drag the colorpicker around and watch the video update to see what the result will look like.

The Threshold and Slope settings can be used to fine-tune your transparent outline. ‘Threshold’ is how similar a color needs to be to your chosen Chroma Colour before it is made transparent. ‘Slope’ makes the transition from transparent to visible either harder or softer around the edges of your keyed video.

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