How do I add a button?

How to add a 2D button to an AR scene

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Drag a button object into your scene from the object panel on the left. You will be prompted to select or upload an image which will be the image your users see as the button.

Using the properties panel on the right you can change the title to help you in the editor, swap the image for another one, or edit the link type and target.

There are three basic kinds of links: 

  • External - A standard web URL (including email and phone links)

  • Page - A link to a page within the app

  • Scene - A link to another scene

External links will launch a pop-over web-browser and allow the user to view the page. Once they are done, they can hit ‘back’ in the top left to return to your app and continue scanning.

You can include email and telephone links just as you would in any browser, by using mailto: ( mailto:[email protected] ) or tel: ( tel:123456789) respectively.

Page links will open up a page you have created inside your app. This is useful for taking users through a journey that includes both page and scene content. Its also a great way to cue users what to do next using the page content - directing them to the next marker in a series for example.

If you want users to resume scanning easily, remember to place a link back to the experience on the linked page (see the page button article for details).

Scene links will swap your whole scene out for another one. All your old scene objects will disappear, and a new scene will appear in their place. If you have the same scene link button in the same place in both scenes, to the user it will appear as if they swapped the content without changing scenes.

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