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Where can I get 3D models?
Where can I get 3D models?
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It can be difficult finding great 3D models - even after finding just the right look you also need to make sure the technical specs (complexity, format, texture types) are all correct. See our 3D Model Formats article for more information.

Though we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility, searching stock sites such as Sketchfab, Turbosquid and CG Trader with the correct filters set will get you the best results.

The filters set are:

  • glTF and FBX format

  • Real-time or low-poly models only, up to 100k polygons

If you want to know if a 3D model is the right format before purchasing, get in touch with the Plattar support team and send us a link/file. We can’t promise a model is compatible, but we can tell you if it is definitely incompatible.

Generally speaking, 3D models that can be used in games are a good fit for your AR scenes.

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