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How to best format your JPG and PNG images for the Plattar CMS

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Plattar supports images in PNG or JPEG format. Images above the sizes of 2048x2048 will be resized into 2048x2048 whilst maintaining the ratio. We recommend maintaining images below this size for optimum performance.

For most cases, optimising images for Plattar is the same as optimising them for the web. For example, if a button will always be small on screen, it would be best to resize it to 256 pixels, rather than uploading a full 1500 pixel version.

You should also use the right kind of compression on your images. If you are unsure, its best to use JPEG compression at around 75%. For the best image quality, or images that require a transparent background we advise using PNG.

Try selecting all the images you will use in a single scene or page at once on your computer. If the total file size is over about 3MB, consider resizing or compressing some images.ย 

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