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How do I invite team members to my project?
How do I invite team members to my project?

Add a person to your project and set permission levels

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In Plattar each project can have its own team members. You may have some team members across all projects and you may have a team member that has access to just one project. Your team might be your business colleagues, but it could also have people outside of your business such as a 3D contractor.

To add / invite someone to your team

  1. Select the project you want to add someone too

  2. You will now be in the Build tab, in the top right select the Share button [insert image of build tab]

  3. This will open a window which displays the existing team members of the project and people you have invited previously to projects. If you see the person in this list tap Add [ insert image]

  4. To add a new person to the project enter their email

  5. Select their permission level . See [permissions link]

  6. Hit the Send Invite button

This will send an invite to the persons email address. The email will be from Plattar Support and titled "You have been invited to a project on Plattar". Inside the email is a button to "Sign in" which takes them to The person must sign in using the same email address that received the invite email.

If the person says they did not receive the invite (likely due to their spam filters) they can still register using the email address the invitation was sent to, and they will get access to your team. See I didn't get my invite

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