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What are the different team roles / permission levels
What are the different team roles / permission levels

How to change a team members permission level / role

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Within each of your projects you can have different team members.

Each team member in a project can be assigned a different role or permission level

The different roles or permission levels that can be set are


Owners can edit and manage everything, such as projects, scenes, pagess as well as manage other users in the team (inviting, removing them etc.)


Members can edit all pages and scenes, but cannot manage other users on the team. This is the default setting when you invite a person.


Contributors can create scenes and edit them, but cannot edit other user’s scenes. They do not have access to the page editor and cannot manage users. This is intended for project team members outside your business such as content creators

To change an existing team members role

  1. Select Share in the Build tab [insert image]

  2. Find an existing team member and select the preferred role in the dropdown

To add a team member you can select the role from the dropdown below where you enter their email address.

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