How do I change a image anchor?

Changing the trigger associated with a scene

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To exchange a scene trigger for a new one, open the scene you want to link with the new trigger. Hover over the trigger preview on the right hand panel and click 'change'. 

(If you don't see the trigger preview or scene name in the right hand panel, you may have an object selected. Try clicking the background of the editor window to deselect it.)

You can then choose to upload a new trigger image for the scene, or use a generated one. Using a generated trigger is useful if you want to 'free up' the current trigger so you can link it to a new scene.

If the image anchor option is not visible in the scene properties, the scene may not be set up to use a trigger image. In this case look for the 'Change Anchor Type' button, and when clicking it a pop-up will appear to select the scene's anchor. Select 'Image' and then the scene can have the image trigger added.

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