Hockey-App will allow you to download and install the latest versions of the apps which you’ve been shared into. You will also have access to the absolute latest builds as they occur.

Accepting your Hockey-App invitation for iOS

Accepting your invitation to Hockey-App will allow you to test the latest developer builds of Plattar powered Applications. Keep in mind that these apps are not production ready and may contain bugs, errors or crashes. The Plattar Development Team is continuously developing these apps and new versions become available very frequently. Hockey-App provides an opportunity for you to test these apps before they go live into the app store.

Follow the instructions below to accept your invitation.

  • Your Hockey-App invitation will appear in the e-mail address which you provided to the Plattar Team. If you did not receive your invitation, check your trash folder otherwise contact your [email protected] along with the name of your referrer.

Figure: The Hockey-App Invitation

  • Your Invitation E-mail will contain a button along with simple instructions on accepting your invitation. Click on Show Invitation to proceed.

Figure: The Hockey-App Invitation E-mail Contents.

  • Upon clicking Show Invitation you will be greeted with a signup/signin form. You can either accept the invitation via your previous Hockey App account or you can create a new one. Signup is completely free.

Figure: The Hockey-App Signup Form

  • Upon Registration and logging in, you will be presented with the following Screen. Click on the Menu at top-right screen and select Devices. If you registered using your desktop computer/mac, you will need to login via your Device. Open Safari on your Device and navigate to and login with your credentials.

Figure: Devices Screen

  • In the following screen, you will be requested to register your device. This is required so the Plattar Development Team can add your device into the Apps provision profile. Without doing so, you will be unable to install/run the apps. Click on Register Device to proceed.

Figure: Registering Device

  • Upon Registering your device, it’s UUID (Unique Identifier) will be automatically available to the Plattar Development Team. The Development Team will use this UUID to add your device into the Apps Provision Profile. Click Install to Proceed.

Figure: Installing Device

  • Click Install once more and follow the prompts. This step will also install the Hockey-App and make it available for access via your app browser.

Figure: Installing Hockey-App Profile (IOS ONLY)

  • Once Complete, you will be able to launch HockeyApp from your Device’s App Menu at any time. Do so now and you should be able to see the apps which you have access to.

Figure: Launching Hockey-App

Upon completing the installation of Hockey-App you will have access to the IOS version of your app, however you will not be able to install them just yet. The Developers will be required to add your device into the application’s certificate before you can install and run. This will only need to occur once per new device. Adding a new device and a rebuild may take up to 24 hours after successful registration.

For urgent access, please send an enquiry to [email protected] and someone will be in touch with you shortly. In the support e-mail, please provide your Hockey-App username and the Application which you require an urgent access to. Support is normally closed outside of standard business hours.

Upon activating your device onto our Certificate you will be able to install the IOS version of your app. Keep in mind that Hockey-App will not keep your installed application up to date so keep an eye out for latest builds via Hockey-App.

Optionally, you may request us to send you automatically generated notifications as soon as a new version/build of your apps become available. Notifications are turned off by default.

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