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Welcome to Plattar Pipeline
Welcome to Plattar Pipeline

Introduction to Plattar's 3D content review and management platform

Written by Breno Glennon
Updated over a week ago


PIPELINE is Plattar’s new system to request, review and manage 3D content production. With PIPELINE, our Content Team facilitates and streamlines content production across all core phases of the 3D modelling process:

  • Briefing

  • Allocation

  • Production

  • Optimisation

  • Approval and

  • Asset upload

PIPELINE provides a simple way to raise production requests, obtain quotes and allocate work to 3D modellers.

PIPELINE also features easy production management, file storage and a direct upload mechanism into Plattar's core 3D & AR platform for finished models and variants.

During the production phase, PIPELINE includes an inbuilt commenting and messaging system to help raise questions, answer comments or leave feedback to enable a direct and clear communication flow between content requesters and 3D modellers. The system also features a model assessment tool, allowing you to provide feedback on 3D content performance and improvement options.

It's a one-stop solution for fast and efficient 3D content production with PLATTAR.

On top of that, all PLATTAR users have automatic access to PIPELINE.

We have put together a series of help articles and videos to get you started on PIPELINE in no time. They cover:

Getting Started

Request Management

Iteration & Approval

Upload to Plattar

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