Using the scene link button you can take users through a journey on a single marker, mixing various scenes’ content, or even allowing them to make choices along the way.

You can also create a basic UI for your scenes. We have created a basic video player by creating a scene with six buttons (each one with the name of a video) around a 3D object. We duplicated the scene six times and named them after the buttons (one for each possible button).

Next for each scene, we added the video it should be playing back, on top of the 3d object. Then going back through the scenes we linked all the buttons up to their correct scenes using scene links. (for example ‘Play Video 1’ button in each scene was linked to ‘Video Player Scene 1’). Since all the buttons are in the same place, the user only sees the video change, making them feel like they are using a single video player UI!

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