Plattar Plan

The Plattar plan is intended to get you up and running with minimal effort. You can manage a small number of scenes inside the official Plattar app (rather than having your own customised app).

DIY Plan

The DIY plan allows you to create your own customised app from the ground up. You chose the name, icon, what pages are in the app, and manage the scenes that appear in the app. Your app can be published in the app stores when you are ready to go live.

Visualisation plan

The Visualisation plan is specifically designed for presenting products in AR. It allows you to upload specially formatted 3D models which can have ‘variations’ of colors/materials attached. 

You will have your own app as with the DIY plan, but will not edit pages as they are generated for you based on the products you upload.

The Visualisation plan also uses our most advanced tracking to enable users to switch between scanning triggers (for 100% accurate scale and positioning) and a markerless catalog mode that does not need triggers to place 3D products in the user’s space.

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